Handy hints for planning, packing and stacking your goods at our storage facilities


Make a list:
Make an inventory list of all items to be stored.

Take apart everything that you can for flat packing. Small items will also fill gaps.

Don’t plan to store food or perishable goods. Not only do they deteriorate, but you might attract bugs.

Contact your insurance company and notify them that you’re storing goods in our storage facilities.

Remove all batteries from appliances and toys to prevent leakage and damage.


Fridges & Freezers:
Clean and dry before storing. Leave the door slightly open during storage and place other goods inside.

Washing Machines:
Check that all water is drained. Many machines have a drainage cap at the base. Tape hoses to the back, or detach and store inside the machine.

Clothing & Linen:
Pack in secure cartons with a mothball for added protection.

Individually wrap dishes, glassware and delicate items and pack in strong cartons. Mark these “Fragile” and “Top Stow.”

Pictures & Mirrors:
Protect with bubble wrap or flat-pack cartons and mark “Fragile.”

If possible, use the original cartons for packing. Otherwise, wrap in bubble-wrap and pack in strong cartons. Mark these “Fragile” too.

Write a list of contents on the side of each box. Make sure they are well sealed top and bottom with tape.


Think about Height:
Consider the unit’s height and plan to stack as high as you can to maximise use of space.

If you have free standing shelves, use them in your unit. They are ideal for storing boxes.

Furniture & Beds:
Remove legs if possible. Stand them on their end for best use of space and cover with a cloth. Wrap mattresses with plastic.

Place boxes with heavy unbreakable items such as books on the bottom. Work your way up with linen and clothing boxes. Place “Top Stow” and “Fragile” boxes on top.

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